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Your dependable and fast supplier for Aerospace and Military parts. Spares, rotables, hardware and consumables we carry it all.

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CSG Parts, located in St. Augustine, Florida USA is a critical supply chain for thousands of companies. We ship our parts to customers located in over 80 countries. Through our vast inventory and strong relationships with manufacturers and MRO's, we provide Military, Defense and Aircraft spares, rotables and expendables. CSG Parts also carries difficult to locate and obsolete parts.

We Serve...
  • US Military
  • Foreign Militaries
  • Maintenance and Repair Shops
  • Prime Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Commercial Airlines-
  • Major, National & Regionals
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NSN (National Stock Number) / Manufacturing Part Catalog

Aircraft Airframe | Aircraft Propeller, Propeller Components | Helicopter Rotor Blade and Components

Landing Gear | Wheel and Brake | Control Cable | Hydraulic, Vacuum, De-Icing System | Air condition, Heating and Pressurizing | Parachutes, Aerial Pickup, Cargo Tie Down | Misc Aircraft Accessories | Landing Equipment | Launching Equipment | Ground Servicing Equipment

Ship and Boats Propulsion | Rigging and Rigging Gear | Deck Machinery | Hardware and Hull Items | Buoys | Commercial Fishing | Misc. Ship, Marine Equipment

Vehicle Structural | Power Transmission | Brake, Steering, Axle | Vehicle Furniture | Weapons Systems Specific | Misc. Vehicle Components

Pneumatic, Non-Aircraft Tires and Tubes | Pneumatic, Aircraft Tires and Tubes | Solid and Cushion Tires | Tire Repair and Rebuilding

Gas Reciprocating Engine Non-Aircraft | Aircraft Gas Reciprocating Engine | Diesel Engine | Steam Engine, Reciprocating | Steam Turbine | Water Turbine | Gas Turbine and Jet Engine, Non-Aircraft Prime Moving | Gas Turbine and Jet Engine, Aircraft, Prime Moving | Rocket Engine | Gas Rotary | Misc Engine Accessories

Engine Fuel System, Non-Aircraft | Engine Fuel System, Aircraft | Engine Electrical System, Non-Aircraft | Engine Electrical System, Aircraft | Engine Cooling System, Non-Aircraft | Engine Cooling System, Aircraft | Engine Air and Oil Filter, Non-Aircraft | Engine Air and Oil Filter, Aircraft | Turbosupercharger, Components | Non-Aircraft Engine Accessories | Aircraft Engine Accessories

Torque Converter and Speed Changer | Gear, Pulley, Sprocket and Transmission Equipment | Drive Belt, Fan Belt and Accessories | Misc. Trans Equipment

Ball Bearing, Roller Bearing, Balls, Races | Sleeve Bearing, Split Bearing, Washer Bearing, Jewel Bearing | Pillow Block, Cartridge, Flange, Takeup, Hanger Box, Flat Box, Step Box

Pipe, Tube and Rigid Tubing | Hose, Flexible Tubing, Air Duct | Adapter, Clamp, Elbow, Flange and More

Powered Valve | Non-powered Valve

Screw | Bolt | Stud | Nut and Washer | Nail, Machine Key and Pin | Rivet | Fastening Device | Packing and Gasket Material

O-Ring | Metal Screening | Hardware, Commercial | Hardware, Weapon System | Abrasive Disk and Stone | Abrasive Material | Knob and Pointer | Spring | Bushing, Ring, Shim and Spacer


Capacitor | Filter and Networks | Fuse, Arrestor, Absorber, Protector | Circuit Breaker

Rotary Switch, Toggle Switch, Push Switch, Thermostatic Switch, Pressure Switch, Knife Switch

Connector-Electrical, Plug, Jack, Receptacle | Lug, Terminal | Relay and Solenoid | Coil and Transformer | Oscillator and Piezoelectric Crystals | Electron Tube

Semiconductor Device | Microcircuit | Electronic Module | Headset, Handset, Microphone, Speaker | Electrical Insulators | Electrical Hardware | Brushes, Electrodes | Optoelectronic Device | Amntenna, Waveguide

Synchro and Resolver | Cable, Cord, Wire Assembly | Amplifiers | Electrical Board | Misc. Electrical Components

Fiber Optic Conductor | Fiber Optic Cable | Fiber Optic Cable, Assembly, Harness | Fiber Optic Switch | Fiber Optic Device | Light Sources, Photo Detectors | Light and Image Transfer Devices | Interconnectors | Accessories, Supplies | Fiber Optic Kits and Sets | Fiber Optic Components

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting | Electric Vehicle Lights | Electric Portable, Hand Lights | Electric Lamps | Ballast, Lampholder, Starter | Non-Electrical Light Fixtures | Traffic and Transit Signal System | Shipboard Alarm, Signal System | Railroad Signal, Warning Devices | Aircraft Alarm, Signal System | Security Detection System

Navigation Instruments | Flight Instruments | Automatic Pilot Mechanisms, Airborne Gyro | Engine Instruments

ADPE System Configuration | ADP CPU, Analog | ADP CPU, Digital | ADP CPU, Hybrid | ADP Input/Output, Storage Devices | ADP Software | ADP Support Equipment | Punched Card Equipment | Mini and Micro Control Devices | ADP Supplies | ADP Components